East Coast Energy Group is comprised of East Coast Power & Gas, East Coast Mechanical, and East Coast Petroleum – founded in 1993. The three companies serve the New York metropolitan area and beyond.

While other energy companies come and go, East Coast has developed ongoing relationships and a high level of trust with our clients. When you work with us, you benefit from years of experience, the synergies of cohesive teams, and service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Whether we’re delivering petroleum, gas, electricity, or servicing a building, our long-term relationships with our clients and our years of experience with energy markets help our customers reach their goals.

We don’t just “deliver energy,” we deliver value, our clients appreciate the collective strengths our three companies provide.

Privately owned by a core management team, we believe in slow, consistent growth, year after year. At East Coast our prices are competitive and we provide service that no one can compete with.


There’s a reason so many building owners and managers depend on East Coast Mechanical when performance is mission critical. No company in the New York Metropolitan area has a better track record when it comes to boiler repairs, installations and 24/7 emergency service.


Helps businesses, commercial property owners and managers, and homeowners in the New York area save on electric and natural gas. We offer highly competitive pricing and service no one can compete with. Lock in your rate to manage your budget, or call for today’s variable rate.


Delivers the highest quality fuel to commercial and industrial properties throughout the New York, New Jersey, Westchester and beyond. With a fleet of owned and operated vehicles and a staff of skilled technicians, we’re known for on-time deliveries and courteous, dependable service.