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From our family here at East Coast to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for all of our customers and the opportunity to help them save money on their utility bills so they can spend it on the people they love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The United States Department of Energy Announces a $9 Million Investment Aimed at Improving Energy Efficiency in Hotels, Hospitals, and Commercial Buildings

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced funding in the amount of $9 million dollars that will be aimed at improving energy efficiency in certain types of buildings. The funding is meant to encourage investments in certain energy saving technologies in shops, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and other types of commercial buildings according to the DOE website.

The statement on the DOE website indicates that this funding opportunity is intended to encourage building owners and occupants to demonstrate widely-applicable and self-sustaining approaches that address key challenges and make building efficiency improvements easier. Examples include:

  • Green leases that help building owners and lessees save money: Equitably align the costs and benefits of efficiency investments between building owners and tenants.
  • Better information for better decisions: Use Department-developed energy modeling software to better identify and predict a building’s energy performance. The goal is to show how energy efficiency can result in lower energy bills and reduce overhead.
  • Low-risk nature of financing energy efficiency projects:Assist lenders in obtaining better access to data and information resources that demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of investing in energy efficiency projects.

You can read the entire article on Department of Energy website.

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– Mark S, Landlord, Bronx NY

Reference: Energy Department Announces $9 Million to Improve Energy Efficiency of Hotels, Hospitals, Offices and other Commercial Buildings